Paulo’s Place is a blog created by a foodie for fellow foodies.

I want to share my tips for restaurant-style dishes, reminiscent of my childhood and my ancestry, my present and my aesthetic towards cooking. Food is a sensual and emotional experience that brings people together and provokes thought, encourages innovation and invites people on incredible journeys.

My mother’s name is Smolly and she is the inspiration behind all my savoury dishes. She has a simple and eclectic taste; less is always more, and the more the merrier.

My father’s mother’s name was Matilda and she was the baker. Grandmère Mathilde is a fitting muse for all things sugar and spice, a feisty woman with a heart of gold and puff pastry.

Africa is an especially special place because good food requires great company. A fine dining experience can be just as lovely around a table of twelve under a Zimbabwean sunset, an amateur attempt at a classic dish for the family, a generous helping of passion at half the price.